Rollati at Home: To-Go and Retail Offerings for Italian Culinary Delights

Rollati Ristorante in San Jose is excited to offer convenient to-go and retail options, perfect for grabbing a meal on the go or for preparing an authentic Italian meal at home. Here's what you'll find at the front of the restaurant:

Italian Pantry Essentials: Our Italian Mercato offers a selection of imported dried pasta, olive oil, condiments, and everything else you may need to create an effortlessly special meal, with a truly authentic Italian taste. Whether you're preparing a hearty pasta dish, drizzling olive oil over a salad, or adding a finishing touch to a dish with a flavorful condiment, our pantry essentials provide the perfect ingredients to elevate your cooking.

Grab-and-Go Goodness: Our chefs are also proud to offer freshly-prepared culinary delights for purchase, scratch-made daily in the Rollati kitchen. Enjoy these delicious creations, perfect for a lunch or dinner on-the-go:

  • Fresh Pastas: Handcrafted daily in various styles, ready to be paired with our delectable sauces.

  • Sauces: Choose from our rich marinara or savory ragu to accompany your pasta dishes.

  • Salads: Freshly made and ready to enjoy, our salads provide a healthy and delicious option.

  • Oils and Vinegars: Add depth and flavor to your meals with our range of oils and vinegars.

  • To-Go Cocktails: Complement your meal with a variety of to-go cocktails, mixed to perfection by our skilled bartenders.

By providing both pantry essentials and ready-to-eat options, Rollati offers a convenient way to bring the delicious flavors of Italy into your home. Whether you're preparing a home-cooked meal or grabbing something to enjoy on the go, our offerings ensure a Rollati-quality dining experience.

Visit Rollati today to explore our selection of to-go and retail options, making your next meal quick, easy, and delicious. Buon appetito!